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Coach (NY Islanders)Edit

  • Eddward "Double-D" Marion

Players (NY Islanders)Edit

  1. 10 Timmy Turner (right wing)
  2. 2 Bubbles Turner (right wing)
  3. 16 Rudy Tabootie (defenseman)
  4. 23 Jimmy Neutron (defenseman)
  5. 21 Bart Simpson (defenseman)
  6. 32 Cindy Vortex (goalie)
  7. 27 Bloo (goalie)
  8. 22 Carl Wheezer (goalie)
  9. 17 Ed "Lumpy" Monobrow (left wing)
  10. 48 Snap "The Quick" White (center)
  11. 5 Buttercup Simpson (right wing)
  12. 32 Mac (left wing)
  13. 27 Sandy Cheeks (defenseman)
  14. 1 Squidward Tentacles (right wing)
  15. 62 Blossom Neutron (defenseman)
  16. 76 Eduardo (goalie)
  17. 20 Sheen Estevez (goalie)
  18. 16 Penny Sanchez (right wing)
  19. 49 Lisa Simpson (center)
  20. 3 Chicken (left wing)
  21. 11 Dexter (human sized) (defenseman)
  22. 25 Spongebob Squarepants (right wing)
  23. 24 Patrick Star (goalie)
  24. 34 Kevin (defenseman)
  25. 47 Nazz (center)
  26. 33 Rolf (left wing)
  27. 4 Sarah (defenseman)
  28. 6 Jimmy (goalie)
  29. 91 Jonny 2X4 (right wing)
  30. 17 Trixie Tang (right wing)
  31. 42 Danny Fenton (center)
  32. 51 Ron Stoppable (right wing)
  33. 14 Kim Possible (left wing)
  34. 29 Katara (center)

Coach (St. Louis Blues)Edit

  • Garner Rexton

Players (St. Louis Blues)Edit

  1. 20 Imaginary Gary (center)
  2. 24 Marie Kanker (left wing)
  3. 17 Denzel Crocker (right wing)
  4. 16 Vicky The Evil Babysitter (defenseman)
  5. 19 Princess Morbucks (defenseman)
  6. 23 Francisco "Francis" Bull-E (defenseman)
  7. 25 Professor Finbarr Calamitous (goalie)
  8. 10 Nega-Chin (goalie)
  9. 27 Lee Kanker (right wing)
  10. 26 May Kanker (center)
  11. 22 Mojo Jojo (right wing)
  12. 29 Jimbo (defenseman)
  13. 2 Boomer (left wing)
  14. 30 Kearney (goalie)
  15. 45 Terrence (defenseman)
  16. 47 Sid Phillips (defenseman)
  17. 40 Sedusa (right wing)
  18. 5 Brick (right wing)
  19. 8 Butch (center)
  20. 31 Mitch The Bully (defenseman)
  21. 33 Nelson Muntz (left wing)
  22. 44 Sheldon J. Plankton (left wing)
  23. 46 Dash Baxter (defensemen)
  24. 32 Eddy Skipper (goalie)

Plot Edit

The trade deadline was approaching. After reluctantly joining the St. Louis Blues, Katara from "Avatar The Last Airbender" asked the Blues' GM if she could be traded to the NY Islanders for Eddy (who wanted to be traded to the Blues so badly to boost up his player salary). The GM agreed and the trade was made. Katara joined the NY Islanders and Eddy joined the St. Louis Blues after asking the NY Islanders' GM, who agreed. The Islanders were in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis to play Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals versing their most heated rivals, the St. Louis Blues. Before Katara became a NY Islander, The St. Louis Blues always beat the Islanders inside the Scottrade Center (except one). The Islanders were fed up about always losing to the Blues when they play them on the road (Scottrade Center) without Katara in the lineup (even though they beat em' once in the regular season inside the Scottrade Center with Katara on the team). Bubbles never played the St. Louis Blues on the road (because she was dreadfully nervous to play inside the Scottrade Center... only to get booed and rudely chanted at by St. Louis Blues fans) so she became dreadfully nervous to play the St. Louis Blues inside the Scottrade Center. Timmy tried everything to try and sooth her hurt feelings. Timmy calmly suggested that Bubbles can only play Game 1 so that Bubbles doesn't get very emotionally upset by the rude and rowdy Blues fans. Katara also joined in to sooth Bubbles' hurt feelings telling her how SHE felt like being booed and rudely chanted at by the Blues fans when she returned to the Scottrade Center as a NY Islander, and that she loved embarrassing the Blues and silencing their fans with her goals. Bubbles felt inspired by her new dear friend, Katara, Blossom, Buttercup (who only cared about the playoffs) and her boyfriend, Timmy Turner and promised that she'll play hard and win Game 1 (because Timmy promised her that she'll only play 1 game inside the Scottrade Center). All through the game Bubbles struggled to be brave dealing with the extremely vulgar Blues fans. Katara and (mostly) Bubbles were heavily booed, rudely chanted at, and jeered by the Blues fans that night. Bubbles' game-tying goal in the 2nd period angered the fans more and chanted rudely even more at Bubbles. During the 1st and 2nd intermissions, Bubbles cried, feeling very upset about the Blues fans' taunts and chants, and Timmy, Katara, and Blossom and Buttercup, tried soothing her and complimenting her (her other teammates joined in to help sooth her during the 2nd intermission). Bubbles scored the game-tying goal with 1:00 left in the game (3rd period) and a game-winning goal with 12:14 left in overtime (OT). Right into the locker room after the game, Bubbles finally broke down and bawled. All of her teammates tried soothing her and complimenting her on playing a brilliant game (the best of her NHL Playoff Career).

Quotes Edit

Quote 1 Edit

  • (Episode opens with the Islanders just getting inside the players' area in the Scottrade Center with the Blues fans booing heavily in the background)
  • (scene now cuts to the locker room)
  • Edd: Well.... *pants* we're here. This is Game 1 my fellow ladies and gentlemen. This is a MUST WIN for us. If we win this game, we'll increase the chance to clinch the Stanley Cup at home in Games 4 or 5.
  • Rolf: (Still hearing the booing Blues fans quietly echoing from far inside the locker room): The noise from the airs aren't pleasant and they give Rolf a, how do you say? headache!!!! *groans in pain* Rolf needs to show these airs what true son of a shepherd is all about--! *Rudy grabs a shirtless Rolf to prevent him from exiting his locker*
  • Rudy: Cool your jets, Rolf. First, it's FANS and 2nd, It's always been like this every time we verse the Blues here. Apparently you never adapted to the rudeness of the St. Louis Blues fans.
  • Bart: Yeah, you always complained about the rudeness of those loser Blues fans, suck it up for once Rolfie!
  • Timmy (while putting his Islanders road uniform on): And I wouldn't leave this locker room without my clothes if I were you, Rolf.
  • Rolf: Rolf will introduce the Blues to Rolf's rage of fury and then we will see who is mooing! This is Rolf's word! Dog. HMPH!
  • Ed: I miss my Eddy, Double-D.
  • Edd: Ed, you know our NY Islanders general manager traded Eddy to the Blues in order for us to get Katara and Cindy Vortex from St. Louis before the trade deadline.
  • Cindy: Well at least I'm not booed inside the Barclays Center anymore. I was an Islanders fan myself and stupid Rexton put me on the team against the Islanders and that evil snob treated me like a stupid slave! I can't believe I'm saying this but.... *takes a deep breath* but it's great to be on Jimmy Nerd-tron's team.
  • Jimmy Neutron: And I knew you were going to say that Cindy.
  • Cindy (to herself): *scoffs* Mind reader.
  • Edd: First of all, Cindy, manners and second of all, we have approximately 10 minutes before we set to the bench inside the rink.
  • Ed: Like snow cones?
  • Buttercup: Shut up, Ed.
  • Sandy: We ain't losin' to the Blues tonight, cause we-y'all got Katara and Cindy! YEE-HAW!!!!
  • Rudy: And we also brought Bubbles with us, she's a really great left wing attacker, right Bubbles?
  • Bubbles: I think so.
  • Ed: Do we win jawbreakers and buttered toast when we win the game, Double-D.
  • Edd: I'm afraid that's coach Double-D to you Ed. No disrespect intended.
  • Ron Stoppable: And that's IF we win Game 1, Ed.
  • Bubbles: *whimpers and gasps sadly but nervously to herself*
  • (scene cuts to the rink of the Scottrade Center and then the NBC broadcast booth)
  • Mike Emrick (NBC): Good evening, NHL fans! I'm Mike Emrick along with Pierre McGuire and we're proud to bring you NBC's live coverage of Game 1 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals between the New York Islanders and the St. Louis Blues, And this one Pierre, a lot of intensity will take place tonight. Don't you agree, McGuire?
  • Pierre McGuire (NBC): I agree. This is gonna be a very intense playoff run for both teams, because these NHL rookies of youngsters are going all at it to try and clinch the coveted Stanley Cup trophy. Garner Rexton might've led the Blues' youngsters to the playoffs with his strong skills, but the biggest storyline of this series belongs to NY Islanders manager, Eddward "Double-D" Marion because even though he is a juvenile, he can still coach an NHL team as well as anybody. A lot of NHL fans are predicting that Double-D would coach his team to his very first Stanley Cup title and THE youngest coach ever to enter the National Hockey League to clinch the Stanley Cup title.
  • Mike Emrick (NBC): Well to do it, they have to battle the St. Louis Blues here inside the Scottrade Center, where NY Islanders left wing attacker, Bubbles Utonium never played before. In order to beat the Blues tonight to increase the chance of clinching the Stanley Cup at home inside the Barclays Center, she'll have to sadly but reluctantly battle against the St. Louis Blues' vulgar and rowdy fans inside the Scottrade Center in order to clinch the Stanley Cup on a high note.
  • Pierre McGuire (NBC): And Bubbles always loved being cheered by her fans around the globe, and she'll have to face her fear of disrespectful Blues fans in order to win Game 1 tonight.
  • Mike Emrick (NBC): Well, the Islanders NEED to win tonight in order to try to clinch at home. Intros, opening ceremonies, puck drop, next on NBC.
  • (scene cuts into the Islanders' locker room)
  • Bubbles (in a crying tone): I can't do it, Timmy! The Blues fans are evil! *sad gasps* They even chanted "Fraidy-puff!" at me when I first entered the Scottrade Center! *cries*
  • Timmy: But Bubbles. the whole team is counting on you. You need to IGNORE those fans.

Quote 2Edit

  • (scene cuts to NY Islanders player intros)
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: And now, here are the starters for the Eastern Conference Champion New York Islanders. *crowd boos loudly in unison* We begin with the coach of the Eastern Conference Champion New York Islanders, Edward Marion. *crowd boos loudly*
  • Edd (to himself): Oh, those rapscallions of St. Louis Blues fans! 
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: Tonght's Game 1 starting goalie for the New York Islanders, #20 Sheen Estevez. *crowd boos loudly* 
  • Sheen: I, Ultra-Sheen will defend the goal post! No pucks shall pass!!!!
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: At defense, #27 Sandy Cheeks and #23 Jimmy Neutron. *crowd boos loudly*
  • Sandy: Man I hate these cowpunks of fans, right Jimmy?
  • Jimmy Neutron: I can't stand the vulgarity of these vulgarious fans either, Sandy.
  • Bubbles (to herself): *nervous gulp* Stay strong, Bubbles. *whimpers* 
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: At center #29 Katara. *crowd boos louder*
  • Katara (to herself): I might've been cheered here when I was a St. Louis Blue, as an Islander *short pause* I actually love being booed in this arena*
  • Bubbles (to herself): Oh no, here it comes! *sad gasps*
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: At left wing #2 Bubbles Turner. *in unison to the quotes, "Bubbles Turner", the crowd boos their loudest for Bubbles*
  • Bubbles: *cries in Timmy's arms* 
  • Timmy (calmly/ while hugging and rubbing Bubbles' back): (in unison to crowd booing Bubbles loudly) Relax, Bubbly Bunny. It's okay, it's okay. Stay strong, cutiepie.
  • St. Louis Blues P.A Announcer: And at right wing, #10 Timmy Turner. *crowd boos loudly*

Quote 3Edit

Quote 4 Edit

Quote 5 Edit

Quote 6 Edit

Quote 7 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mike Emrick and Pierre McGuire will be the television commentators on NBC.
  • Howie Rose will be the commentator for the New York Islanders Radio Network.
  • In this wiki-special, Timmy's parents, Professor Utonium and Mrs. Keane Utonium (now married to the Professor) watch the game on T.V in some scenes, while Timmy's Grandpa Pappy listens to it on Hoffstra University Islanders Network in his old-fashioned house. (NY Islanders Radio Network)

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